USA Laser Specialists

Matthew J. Hunt – Phone:  858-500-2859
General Manager - North America

Matt  comes to IDS with 20+ years in laser dentistry.

Natasha Welsh – Phone: 440-821-2528
Laser Specialist

Natasha has worked in dental clinically as well as selling and training on dental technologies for 20 years.

Territory:  ND, SD, NE, MN, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA, MD, DC, DE, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME

Ben Schulte – Phone: 602-309-0505
Laser Specialist

Ben has worked in the laser industry since 1996. He started with industrial lasers then veterinary lasers. He is very grateful to finally graduate to dental lasers.

Territory: CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, NV, UT, CO, AR, NM, TX, AK, HI

Jenni Silva – Phone:  859-462-0802
Laser Specialist

Jenni has worked in the dental industry since 2007. She looks forward to much more success with her “laser” focus on dentistry.

Territory:  KS, MO, IL, IN, KY, WV, VA, OK, AK, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, FL