Go Ahead and Ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to use anesthesia with LiteTouch?

With the LiteTouch many dental procedure can be done without anesthesia, but this will be determined on a patient case to case basis.

2. Are the LiteTouch Tips reusable?

Yes, they are.  LiteTouch laser tips can be serialized and autoclaved, so they can be reused.

3. How is the LiteTouch laser smaller than other Er:YAG dental lasers?

The LiteTouch laser is the first and only dental laser using a direct delivery system. This means that the laser source is on a cord outside the machine, next to the handpiece. In other dental lasers, the laser source is inside the machine, making for a larger and heavier device. As the LiteTouch device itself contains only electric and water systems, then it is compact in size and easily integrated into any dental office.

4. What are the advantages of the LiteTouch Er:YAG laser compared to other Er:YAG dental lasers?

The LiteTouch laser uses a direct delivery of energy to tissues, contrary to other lasers which employ different delivery systems. Thus, energy loss is minimized. Moreover, LiteTouch is easy to manipulate during dental procedures, the handpiece swivels 360° for easy maneuvering and there are no maintenance costs as the delivery system has no breakable parts.