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A better way of performing everyday dentistry… every day.

Unique Technology

The LiteTouch is the only laser in the world with patented laser-in-handpiece (L-I-H™) technology. This unique delivery system eliminates fragile fiber optic lines and large articulating arms. The lightweight ergonomic handpiece provides accurate and easy access to all intraoral areas.

Exclusive In-Office Training

You’ll be confident using LiteTouch from day one thanks to our exclusive in-office training and education for you and your entire team. Our dedicated laser specialists are there on an ongoing basis with support that ensures you fully integrate the LiteTouch throughout your practice.

Your Patients Will Love LiteTouch

LiteTouch is far less invasive than traditional dentistry, eliminates the sound of the handpiece, and in most cases the need for injections. Patients have less discomfort, shorter chair time, and faster healing, resulting in a better patient experience.

Proven Performance

Light Instruments is the world’s leading provider of next generation dental laser technologies. LiteTouch is the most used all-tissue laser in the world.

Why is the LiteTouch All-Tissue Laser a better alternative to traditional instrumentation?

At a glance, the LiteTouch™ All-Tissue Laser is similar to your dental handpiece in size and weight, but this game-changing Laser-in-Handpiece (L-I-H™) technology allows you to treat more patients, more efficiently than ever before. Most LiteTouch procedures do not require injections, so patients will be free of the pain and anxiety associated with traditional dentistry. Thanks to a better patient experience, you will see greatly improved case acceptance with your new and existing patients.

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Customer Testimonials

Here's What People Are Saying ...

Finally!!  An all tissue laser for HALF the cost and ALL of the results! This IS an EVERYDAY laser! It’s so popular with myself and the other doctor…..we’re soon going to need a second one instead of fighting over this one!

– Dr. Barry Bartusiak

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“After implementing Light Instruments` LiteTouch™ dental laser in my practice, I am finally satisfied.”

“As the first doctor in the world that has LiteTouch™ in his hands & after experiencing many other lasers, I immediately “fell in love” with this device.”

“LiteTouch™ with the laser-in-handpiece mechanism  allows overtaking other lasers fiber fragility problem while ensuring exceptional performance”